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London Visits 2.
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Canary Wharf Wednesday 18th January spectacular Winter Light Show.
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London Visits 2 group visited the London Canal Museum in March. The Museum has a connection to Carlo Gatti who imported ice from Norway to the Canal Basin, stored in two huge icewells; one of which can be seen at the Museum. We learned the story of this  entrepreneur and how he became a millionnaire selling icecream in "penny licks" on the streets of London. Eventually these were outlawed when it was found they were the cause of cholera and typhoid. We helped make and taste icecream with the assistance of "Agnes Marshall" - the Mary Berry of her day - using a replica of the icecream machine she invented. A thoroughly enjoyable and informative trip. 

Photo - "Agnes Marshall" with 2 members of LV2 making icecream

Best wishes. 
Jan Clifton