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This is a NEW Group.  Dave Denman is the group contact.

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The Classic Vehicles Group has been established for those who own or simpy have an interest in Classic Vehicles  ,whether they be

Cars  , Bikes, Planes , Trains etc  - merely an interest is enough to join us on  monthly runs out to locations  ,often a pub with food involved (!)  or to more organised events that may require registration in advance .

Due to the unpredicable nature of our UK weather I have established a Whattsapp Group for short notice arrangements or

" if the sun is shining why dont we go "  spontaneous outings . I will plan an excursion , generally once per month through April through to late Sept , though there are venues that have meets all year too . I appreciate any suggestions of events or locations that we can go to  .

You are welcome to join us !      Dave Denman


The Classic Vehicles Group’s visit to E-Type UK for a very wet Drive It Day - 23rd April 2023
Godwin was the only one brave enough to come in his Morgan, the rest of us feared that our cars would rust in front of our eyes with all that rain.
Despite the torrential rain many classic cars made it and enjoyed a short drive in convoy.
Of course we got lost and ended up with a detour to Tunbridge Wells – I blame the navigator!
There was plenty to see in the workshop from cars in restoration to fully restored cars and even several in the showroom for those with deep pockets.
All in all a very enjoyable morning – thanks to E-Type UK for being so welcoming and the coffee and cakes.
April 23rd - Petrol and Patter  at   (click name to see website)
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May 21st - Faversham Festival of Transport  
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May 24th - Burwash
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June 24th  -   Etype UK  - Petrol and Patter  - June meeting, Summary “ Another monthly meet at E Type UK, Petrol and Patter, to see not only their magnificent Etypes undergoing restorations, but to see a large variety of other Classic cars attending the event .
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August 5th - Laddingford, Food & Cakes, Trains and a couple of cars and MORE food!!!!! 
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22nd Oct  - Offham Village  -- nr West Malling  , Kent ME19 5NY 
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14th Jan 2024 - Pluckley, Deering Arms.
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A few of us made it down to Pluckley today , despite Daves navigational hiccup (!)....but it's what makes the day memorable ! ..😉
a good variety of vehicles and owners too !
Excellent pub lunch or meal can be had here !

11th Feb 2024 - Pluckley, Deering Arms. "Big Cats"
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A few of us made it down to Pluckley today , in the "Big Cats"(Jaguars) and despite the dismal start the weather improved for run home.
As usual , the pub lunch in Dering Arms compensated for the weather !

14th APR 2024 - Pluckley, Deering Arms.
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Superb variety of vehicles and a good turnout too , in the Spring sunshine at Pluckley, which a few of us were able to get to .

Same again in March ...always 2nd Sunday of the month !

MORE SUGGESTIONS with upcoming events 

Hi Everyone  , Hope you all well and have been able to get out and about when weather and opportunity has allowed  .
I was delighted to hear that some ofyou attended Etype UK last "petrol and patter " , this year , at their fantastic facilities . We will return !!

5th Nov - RAC Veteran Car Run- London to Brighton .
This event is a wonderful annual Classic  which I try to attend  .
I have found that , although many places to see the cars  , I enjoy going to Staplefield in Sussex  ( nr Haywards Heath )  Staplefield RH 17 6 EQ
Staplefield village is a great location to see not only the Veterans go through , some do stop  , ( cars I mean )!  - there is a pub and refreshment marquee , plus it attracts a variety of classic vehicles that turn up .
I cannot attend  - I shall be on holiday  --- but should ypu wish to go  I suggest  , again  , that you depart Culverstone  at  9.00 --- the earlier you get to Staplefield the better  .
Some local roads will be closed off so consult your SAT Nav carefully  to get into the village !!
As with all these events I welcome photos for our webpage .

Next season I will establish a "whattsapp " group for our Classic Group  . I wouild like to arrange more " impromptu " outings that we can plan around good weather etc at short notice  .
It is frustrating to plan something a few weeks, even days, ahead  , only to have the " good old British weather " decide to plan a monsoon for us !
I will  , of course  , need your individual permission to use your mobile nos  - so please let me know  , individually  , if thats ok ?

Thank you all for still showing interest in our Group  - look forward to catch up again soon  ,

Keep polishing  --- and driving  !  Dave