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How Things Work reflects the aim of the group which is to learn about, visit and try a diverse range of different things. We are a group of like-minded individuals interested in finding out how things work – technical, industrial, agricultural, military and artistic etc., – everything and anything is within our remit. There are more than 80 members and together we have come up with some fascinating ideas activities and places to visit. The group aims to arrange a visit once every month throughout the year usually making a visit to somewhere of interest! (See below).

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Future Planned Visits;

28 June 2024 - Whitstable Oyster Farm. Organiser Andrew Challis

11 July 2024 - Battle of Britain Museum. Organisers Charlotte Brown & Ray Clarke 

6 August 2024 - Fort Amherst. Organisers Yvonne & Phil Mugford

26 September 2024 - Legal and Illegal London - Inns of Court Walk: Organiser John Peters


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